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What Our Clients Say
I’ve searched through all the casino rental companies in the area & Casino Parties, LLC was the only one to offer the Roulette Display Board. The display board was customized just for my event & it looked very professional. My guests raved about it & how their Roulette experience was just like at the casinos. – Travis E.

Casino Parties, LLC, is an amazing vendor to work with. They answered all my questions right away, & put all my concerns to rest. With their expertise, they suggested dos & don’ts for a successful fundraiser. Their equipment was outstanding. The dealers were all friendly & took the time to teach some guests to play. We not only did we raise more than our expected goal, but we all had a blast! We definitely recommend their services & we are definitely booking again for next year! Thank you, Casino Parties, LLC! – Gloria C.

The party was a success last night! Thank you to Casino Parties, LLC! - Jon M.

Casino Parties, LLC, has done all of our Holiday Casino Themed Company Parties. Food, drinks & to gamble the night away without losing a cent is how my staff loves to have fun & unwind! – Christina C.

Casino Parties, LLC was by far the BEST deal I received from all the other companies I contacted. From the great quality equipment, to the very professional dealers & my guests having fun… I definitely got my money’s worth!
– Piper B

Great entertainment for parties of all ages! – Lisa S.

Is a Casino Theme Party Right for Your Event?

Are you planning an upcoming event? If so, the chances are good that you are feeling a little frazzled and possibly even somewhat frustrated. How do you ensure that you’re planning a fun event for everyone? How do you maximize turnout? How do you make sure that everyone enjoys themselves? A casino theme party might be just the right thing for your needs, allowing you to pull off the perfect event while also making sure that all of your guests have a great time. What events are well-suited for casino theme parties?

Holiday Events

If you’re planning a holiday event and looking for something a little different this year, consider a casino theme party. These events are always popular, and offer your family and friends something very different from the traditional activities during this time of year. You can easily tie in the season to your casino part, too, with the right décor, festive hats and other party gear, and more.

Private Events

Private events are perfect for pairing with a casino theme party. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, an anniversary party, a retirement party, a going away party or something completely different, a casino theme complete with the right games and tables will make it a night no one will forget.

Corporate Events

Think a casino theme party is only a good option for private events? Think again. These can be great for corporate events, networking events and other business functions. Whether you’re looking for a way to help local business owners break the ice and connect with one another, or a replacement for your company’s tired annual picnic, a gambling night could be just the ticket.

Charitable Events

Looking for a way to build support for your preferred charity or cause? A casino theme party can be the perfect option. These events are heavily attended, and it can be very easy to work in ways to add donations or contributions to a charitable cause, whether that’s an entrance fee at the door, a playing fee per table game, or something completely different.

As you can see, a casino theme party can be the perfect fit for just about any event you might be planning. Of course, you do need to work with the right rental company. Get in touch with us at Casino Rentals, LLC, to learn more about our games and staffing, and how we can help ensure your event is a success. Call us at 888-340-1873.

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