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What Our Clients Say
I’ve searched through all the casino rental companies in the area & Casino Parties, LLC was the only one to offer the Roulette Display Board. The display board was customized just for my event & it looked very professional. My guests raved about it & how their Roulette experience was just like at the casinos. – Travis E.

Casino Parties, LLC, is an amazing vendor to work with. They answered all my questions right away, & put all my concerns to rest. With their expertise, they suggested dos & don’ts for a successful fundraiser. Their equipment was outstanding. The dealers were all friendly & took the time to teach some guests to play. We not only did we raise more than our expected goal, but we all had a blast! We definitely recommend their services & we are definitely booking again for next year! Thank you, Casino Parties, LLC! – Gloria C.

The party was a success last night! Thank you to Casino Parties, LLC! - Jon M.

Casino Parties, LLC, has done all of our Holiday Casino Themed Company Parties. Food, drinks & to gamble the night away without losing a cent is how my staff loves to have fun & unwind! – Christina C.

Casino Parties, LLC was by far the BEST deal I received from all the other companies I contacted. From the great quality equipment, to the very professional dealers & my guests having fun… I definitely got my money’s worth!
– Piper B

Great entertainment for parties of all ages! – Lisa S.

How to Bring the Casino Experience to Your Party

Even if someone has never been to a casino in person, they’ve seen it on TV and the movies. And what they see is fun, fun, and more fun. Giving your event a casino theme instantly gives it all the fun of a casino, and the guests will dive right into the good times. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right casino rental in New York.

Use Fake Money

Yes, gambling can be fun because the risk is so high, and that gets the adrenaline pumping. But even when you’re not really gambling, the games are still a really good time. Therefore, fake money should be seen as an asset, not a restriction. Plus, some of your guests may not be comfortable with real gambling. And, of course, you don’t want someone coming in and losing all their money and remembering your party as the thing that made them skulk home broke and frustrated. If your casino rental in New York has fake money, this levels the playing field and takes the risk element out, leaving just a good, fun time.

Make the Food Just Right

In New York, there are so many choices of places to get great food. So, your casino rental can be accompanied by the perfect cuisine if you do a little work beforehand. Figure out what your guests love to eat. This can be done with a quick survey or just by asking a few of them what really tickles their taste buds. Then set it all up buffet-style. If they are forced to sit down and eat, the momentum of the event will be dampened. But if they have the freedom to dig in when and how they want, they can focus on the games and socializing. It’s also a good idea to make sure you have an adequate selection of finger foods. With these, your guests can swing by the buffet table, grab a little something and get right back to having a good time.

Add a Fundraising Element to the Party

Instead of gambling, all money used in the games can be donated to a charity. This is a really tasteful way of letting your guests know your heart is in the right place and also giving them a chance to donate to a greater cause. The memories of your casino rental in New York will only be enhanced because the guests won’t just feel good because they’re having a fantastic time, but also because they’re doing the right thing.

Regardless of how you choose to spruce up your New York event with a casino rental, you can’t go wrong with Casino Parties, LLC. Check out their website, CasinoPartiesLLC.com to see the vast array of rentals provided. When planning a casino night, don’t roll the dice; go with the pros: Casino Parties LLC.

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